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Client Testimonials

Black Dog

We are so grateful we found Kristen! She is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She has been fantastic helping us find the right approach to help our extremely anxious pup meet new people and decrease her reactivity to people on walks as well. She is flexible and adapts her plan for each session to fit our dog’s needs in the moment. We appreciate that it feels like a team effort to help our dog and she truly listens to our concerns. Kristen’s communication is also unmatched. She explains things very well during sessions, sends follow-up messages afterwards, and is always quick to respond to any questions we have between sessions. If you are looking for a dog trainer to help your dog using a positive approach, Perked Ears Training is the way to go!

Mallory R.

White fluffy dog on grass

I am so happy I contacted Perked Ears. Kristen is wonderful personally and professionally. She is very knowledgeable in her field and works with you to train your pet. Kristen gives you the tools you need in order to be successful in the training process. She has a passion for what she does and the patience needed to work with animals. Our dog Leo is nine months old and needed some puppy training. He also had issues with resource guarding and always having his mouth on us. With Kristen's direction, we have solved these problems. The experience with Kristen exceeded my expectations completely. I am beyond grateful! If you cannot tell by now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!

Stacy R.

Image by Pauline Loroy

Contacting Perked Ears was the best decision I have made since I got my dog. Adonis is a red-nosed Pit who had a really rough start to life and showed aggression to people, other dogs... really anyone that wasn't me or my girls. Kristen was able to quickly, like in the first visit, build a rapport with him and gain his trust. There was an initial Zoom meeting to give her the back story on my dog, and to determine what I wanted to get out of our sessions. I wanted to build Adonis' confidence, and learn tactics that would help him socialize without fear. From the very first in-home visit, Kristen was completely professional, totally competent, and showed so much passion for her work that I knew we were in very capable hands. She was able to teach me games to play with my dog that positively reinforce behaviors we want to see, and, at the same time, helps to deepen the bond he and I share. She followed every session with a thorough email detailing the things we had worked on along with how-to videos demonstrating them. Adonis has progressed tremendously. He's still a work in progress, but I feel like I have the tools now to really work with him. Kristen was phenomenal. I would absolutely recommend her for any breed and any situation. I know we are incredibly grateful for her.

Andrew P

Image by Marliese Streefland

Kristen is WONDERFUL! She is easy to work with, friendly, very responsive, understanding and reliable. She not only works with your dog but also with you to help you understand your dog's behaviors and how we, as owners, can change our habits to make it a rewarding experience for all parties involved. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an impressive educational background in this field. She also gives you tons of resources to help further advance the training experience. I highly recommend hiring Kristen!

Allison Z

Rescue Puppy

Kristen was very knowledgeable and professional. Her open mindedness and pleasant demeanor brought ease to our nervous dogs and to our family as we learned to change our own tactics. Our dogs responded promptly to her techniques and we have seen significant improvement in their behaviors. Thank you, Kristen!

Rachel B

Image by The3dragons

Kristen provided a great training program for our Dachshund, Ringo. He was very active and suffered from anxiety. She really trained me on how to deal with Ringo’s behavior. She is very professional and truly showed affection for our dog. She always sent me follow up materials and gave me homework to support my work with Ringo. I highly recommend her and Perked Ears as an excellent dog training organization. Ringo loved her ❤️.

Diane A.

Girl Hugging her Dog

We couldn’t be happier to have found Kristen! I have been working one on one with her for 6 months. My lab is 10 months now and he has bonded very nicely with her. I am absolutely amazed at the growth and the progress of our boy. He has learned such great manners and most importantly of all he is a happy and confident dog.
She is so patient and uses no force and is very creative in her training techniques. I receive weekly update emails with goals for the week .
I’m impressed with her knowledge and skills as well as her personality. I highly recommend Kristen as she genuinely cares about both the dog and the owner!

Tamara J.

Image by Juan Gomez

I am grateful for the initial consult with Kristen. I appreciate the time she took to explain her history in training and time spent with greyhounds. Kristen then did a great job in helping me identify the training needs for Ina and then having creative training suggestions for each need. I look forward to working with Kristen again once my dog and I and I can go through all of the initial information and suggestions. I’d definitely recommend anyone with training needs to reach out to Perked Ears and talk with Kristen. She loves our four-legged kids very much and it shows!

Eric H

Dog Walk

Kristen has been a tremendous help in reshaping my dog’s behavior. After being attacked twice while on our walks my dog started showing aggressive behavior toward unfamiliar dogs. This was really becoming a problem. Kristen was very knowledgeable about how to reshape this behavior and worked with me and my dog not only at home but out on the street where the problem is. She gave me simple but effective training tools and I am seeing a huge improvement in only 5 days. Kristen has responded to my emails quickly and with great knowledge. Worth every penny!

Carol W.

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