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Perked Ears Cares

Community Collaboration

Part of our mission is to provide support to people and their companion animals in our community regardless of ability to pay or means to access humane training assistance. This is why we volunteer our time and services to ensure that financial costs are not a barrier for people seeking assistance. Perked Ears gives back through a variety of partnerships with local nonprofits as well as through our educational program offerings. We do this because we care.

We work with FIDO, a local nonprofit organization that offers community services such as fence building, a pet pantry providing food and medication, financial assistance with spay/neuter, and more. Perked Ears provides no-cost private, in-home, training services to FIDO clients and their companion animals every month.

FIDO logo with dog tail and cartoon dog head

The Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers is a nonprofit organization consisting of professional animal trainers and behavior consultants who share a passion for supporting animal rescue. We volunteer with HART as a behavior consultant to help provide resources for rescues and foster families.

HART logo with dog and cat silhouette

Citizen Canine is a local dog rescue that specifically helps to rehome senior dogs. We volunteer our services to provide no-cost and discounted behavior support to foster and adoptive families to ensure that people and dogs are able to thrive in their homes together.

Citizen Canine logo with dog cartoon holding cane and wearing hat and glasses

Educational Offerings

Are you looking for a speaker or presenter for an event?

We offer workshops and seminars about the following topics:

-Enrichment for Companion Animals

-Why Methods Matter: The Importance of Positive Reinforcement in Companion Animal Training 

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