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Woman and dog walking on the beach during colorful sunset

What is Humane Education

And Why Does It Matter In Dog Training?

Humane Education helps people understand themselves, animals, and the natural world as part of an interconnected whole. Treating our companion animals with love, dignity, and respect is compassion in action!

As humans, we have adopted certain animals to live closely with us and we call these animals our "pets" or companion animals. We have molded and trained them to live in our modern world. It is our responsibility as their caretakers to treat them with respect and to ensure that they receive appropriate care to live happy lives. This is why education is so important in the companion animal industry.

The first step to having a respectful and healthy relationship with an animal is to understand their physical, environmental, emotional, and behavioral needs. When you work with us, not only will you learn how to humanely and cooperatively work together with your companion animal, but you will also get an understanding regarding what normal behavior looks like for their species, as well as what the emotional causes are for many behavioral issues.

For more information about our training methods and our community involvement, check out our pages linked below.

Want to Learn More?

Would you like us to speak about Humane Education regarding companion animals at your school, business, or event? We want to hear from you!

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