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Our Philosophy

What do we mean by force-free and science-based?

To put it simply, it means that we care about the mental and physical welfare of you and your dog when we work with you. We use methods that have been proven by science and that are driven by the use of rewards and motivators.

We do not use methods that inflict fear or pain on animals. We do not promote the use of training equipment such as prong collars, shock collars, choke chains, or punishments such as hitting or choking animals. These methods are not only outdated and inhumane, but can cause serious physical and emotional harm to your dog and create more behavior issues.

If you have used these methods in the past, and would like to take a different and more humane approach, reach out for a consult! We are not here to judge, but we are here to educate!

Image by Ralu Gal
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