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I Am A Kitty: A Tiny, Adorable, Hunter

Dear Human,

I am a cat. My tiny features may look cute, but do not get it wrong, I am a hunter at heart. If left to my own devices and if I need to find my own food, I will spend several hours of my day hunting for it. When I see your toes wiggle around under the table, my hunting kitty instincts ignite and I want to hunt and chase them. I am not being evil or dominant, I am just being a cat who does cat things.

It is unfortunate, what happened to the drapes in the living room. It stressed me out when you became loud and stompy about the damage I did to them. I could not see the critters outside the window, so the curtains became my jungle gym and prey item for the day. In order for me to feel good, I need to hunt, stalk, and chase. Please play with me or let me watch the birds outside. I really need to scratch my hunting itch.


Your Cat

Want your cat to hunt you less? Instead of punishing them and possibly inflicting stress and pain, give your kitty some outlets! Try out these cat enrichment, play, and training tips!

  • Toy rotations: Companion animals get bored of their toys if they are always available and in the same location. Consider putting some toys away and rotating them in shifts. Change their locations in the house too for added variability.

  • Provide your cat with visual entertainment! Put a perch by a window or build an enclosed cat patio so your cat can watch animals outside. Put on cat tv or buy a fish tank for your kitty to watch indoors

  • Play with your cat! There are many wonderful interactive cat toys available for purchase such as wands, feather toys, mice, and more!

  • Train your cat! Believe it or not, many cats love training! To see me in action doing some basic at-home cat agility, check out my Youtube Video below.

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