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Recall Is The One Skill We Should Teach Every Dog (Because It Could Save Their Life One Day)

Obedience is very popular in the world of dog ownership and training. People like to brag about how many "commands" their dog knows and how well they are at doing things like sitting, staying, heeling, and laying down. All of that is well and good, but in my opinion, if there is ONE skill that I want every dog to be amazing at, it is coming reliably to their humans when called.

This is because we live in a dangerous and uncertain world full of busy streets, gates that get unlocked, and doors that get left open. Dogs accidentally get loose all the time and there are many hazards that they could run into in the world.

There are 2 main ways that we can teach a dog to come when called. We can use threat (example: by shocking their neck when they run too far away) or we can use positive reinforcement (by rewarding the dog consistently for coming to a specific recall cue). Because I am a behavior consultant who promises to use only humane methods when working with animals, I pick the latter.

And guess what?

A force-free emergency recall is SO fun to train! Not only is it a useful behavior for places such as dog parks, hikes, and other outdoor areas, but you just never know when you might be in a situation where you really need your dog to turn on a dime and come to you!

Here are a few FREE tips for working on recall with your dog!

1. Reward your dog generously. Think about it---usually when we are calling our dog away from something, the distraction we are calling them from seems pretty fun in the dog's mind (example: another dog, a squirrel, a bicycle they want to chase). We have to help our dogs learn that it is very worth it for them to come to us instead!

2. Add distractions incrementally. Dogs have very one-track minds, so we have to gradually add more distractions into training in order to set our dogs up for success.

3. Never sound angry or punish your dog for coming to you. (even if they spent 15 minutes parading around the street like a little hooligan before they finally came!) Remember, recall is a choice. If you were a dog, and you had to choose between having fun chasing a bunny or coming to your human who sounds angry, what would you choose? If you punish your dog after they finally come to you, they are not going to be likely to want to come to you again when you call them.

Do you want more help in teaching your dog a FUN and RELIABLE recall? Well, you are in luck because I am launching my online Radical Recall course!!

Check out the details, read a client review, and learn how to sign up on our website:

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