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Separation Anxiety Training
An online service

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About Separation Anxiety

Is it a struggle to leave your dog home alone? Do they panic, bark, pace, or destroy things? 

Have commonly recommended solutions such as crate training your dog or leaving them with an interactive toy not worked for you? I can help! I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.

Research has shown that desensitization is the most effective way to help a dog learn to cope with being alone.  I work with you side by side to gradually expose your dog to alone time. 

Want to learn more? 

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Initial Consultation (90 minutes)


We get to know each other. We go over your dog's history, and the problems you are experiencing regarding their separation anxiety. I explain more specifics about separation anxiety in general, as well as how the training package works.

We go through a live assessment with the dog and I observe their behavior.

Online Initial Consultation: $120

Step 2. Four-week package

For 4 weeks, we work closely together to help your dog become comfortable with alone time. Below is an outline of what the package includes:

Weeks 1-4: One 30-minute weekly zoom session & 5 training plans per week

I am available for text/email support throughout the process, and am here to review your training sessions after you complete them!

** After the initial 4-week package, there are follow-up several different package options available to help you continue with training. Current clients can email me for these options.**


Four Week Package: $500

Ready to get started?

FIll out my separation anxiety inquiry form: 

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