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A woman sitting on a couch holding a baby with a dog at her side.

Dogs and Children

Licensed Family Paws Educator Badge

Services for families with children and dogs

Are you.....

- Planning to become a parent?

- An expecting or new parent?

- A current parent with questions about your child and dog?

- Looking to add a dog to your family with kids?

I can help!

I am a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator. This means that I am specialized in helping families with kids and dogs learn how to have safe, healthy, and positive dynamics at home. 

It is never too early to get started. If you want to have a training consultation regarding dogs and children, book a session here!


What Clients Say

"Kristen worked well incorporating young kids in the process with activities we can do together. We highly recommend Kristen for your dog and dog family training needs." --Linda S

"Kristen has been so helpful in assisting us with integrating our newborn into our home with two adult dogs who have had limited exposure to children/babies. She has taught us many strategies and given great advice to set our dogs up for success. She worked with our dogs individually and provided feedback for how to best practice with each dog at home in order to meet their individual needs. We learned so much during our sessions and were provided with great written education and summaries after each visit." -- Holli S

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