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Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression

Dog Training and Behavior Consulting For Fearful and Aggressive Dogs

Does your dog...

- Struggle interacting with new people?

- Show fear or aggression towards you or your family?

- Display aggressive or reactive behaviors on-leash?

- Display aggressive behavior towards other animals?

I can help!


What Clients Say

"We have a dog with fear based aggression towards people and other dogs. Kristen was efficient in identifying the problem as well as creating tangible next steps towards improvement. After meeting with Kristen, we are more confident in making our dogs exposure to other dogs a positive learning experience.." -- Meagan B

"We had Kristen help us introduce our 8 yo anxiety/fear aggressive rescue to our new puppy. She had a wonderful positive attitude and trained with patience. She set expectations during the process and taught us how to work with them both as owners." -- Jaclyn M

  • My dog only displays aggressive behavior sometimes and they may not be aggressive at the training consult. Can you still help?
    Yes! I do not need to see the problem behavior in order to help modify it! We will discuss the aggressive behavior that you have seen in detail and I will ask you questions to help me understand the context and motivation behind the behavior. In fact, I will intentionally modify the environment and my interactions with your dog our sessions in order to not trigger the aggressive response from your dog.
  • Do you guarantee to fix my dog's fear and aggression?
    Dogs are animals and always require management and guidance from us, so I do not advertise quick-fix solutions that require no effort.
  • My dog is aggressive to strangers. How will this work?
    We have several options. If you are in my service area, I can come to your home and we can do the discussion portion of the consultation without your dog in the room so that I can get all the info needed before coming up with a plan to work with your dog. Another option is to do the initial consultation session online via zoom so that we can have a conversation and discuss the plan without stressing out your dog with my presence! Both options can work well!
  • Why is my dog aggressive and can it be fixed?
    Dog show aggression for a variety of reasons ranging from genetic background, early life experience, stressors in their environment, conflict with other animals or people, and things such as aversive training methods. Think of aggression as a symptom of underlying emotion. When you work with me, I will help you change the emotion that is causing the aggression. We will also work on modifying your dog's environment as needed to keep them out of situations that elicit the aggressive behavior.
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