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Training For Senior Dogs

Services For Senior Dogs And Their People

Do you have an aging or senior dog (age 7+) ?

Did you know that continuing to do positive reinforcement training with senior dogs as they age is extremely beneficial for their overall quality of life and behavioral wellness?

Positive effects include:

- Stress reduction

- Slowing cognitive decline

- Addressing fear, anxiety, and aggression

- Maintaining happiness and your bond

We have several specialized services to help you and your senior dog.


1-hour Webinar:
Senior Dog Behavior 101

Join this 1-hour webinar to learn the why's and how's of enhancing your bond with your senior dog and ensuring that they have the best quality of life for their golden years!

Learn practical tips that you can implement in your daily routine to help your dog thrive!

Live 4-Week Online Group Class:
Sharpest Seniors

Does your senior dog seem bored or less interested or able to do their old activities? Are they more anxious these days? Do you want a FUN way to bond with them? Do you want to help keep their brain and body sharp? This class is for you!

Self-Paced Course:
Help Your Dog Thrive In Their Golden Years: A Complete Guide to Senior Dog Behavior

A comprehensive course that dives into senior dog behavior, common behavior problems and how to address them, mental and physically enriching activities for seniors, and new skills to teach older dogs!

Private Training

Do you want 1:1 help and support with a behavior issue with your senior dog? I can help!

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