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Radical Recall 
Teach your dog to come when called!

Radical Recall Class

Do you want your dog to come when called, even if they are distracted or having a good time? Does your dog seem to ignore you when you call them? Did you know that you can teach your dog this skill without the use of any painful or aversive tools?

Class Details

Three 30-minute sessions

-Conducted via Zoom

-Includes video examples and detailed homework to work on

Private (just you): $100

Small group (2-4 participants): $75 per dog


Week 1: Establish rules of recall, discuss personal recall goals, importance & safety, how dogs learn, practice foundation steps of recall.

Week 2: Check in on progress, add distance and distraction, implement level 2 recall exercises

Week 3: Check in on progress, discuss real-life goals and how to progress recall skills 

Client Review

"Using her recall methods, I was able to get my dog to come back safely to me when his leash accidentally slipped through my hands and he started running away. This moment was exactly what we were training for and I am so happy we were prepared, and it is all thanks to Kristen! We are extremely happy with the results, and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in training."

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